NAS Whidbey Hangar 6

At over 200,000 square feet the P-251 Hangar 6 Expansion project was one of the largest on the base at, Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island. GK Knutson, working under Korte Construction, self-performed all the metal framing, insulation, GWB installation & finishing on the project over a two-year period. The project was broken up into three separate phases with one completing prior to the start of the next. Working on or near the flight line and in and around an operational facility was acoordination challenge & success. GK worked nearly 27,000 hours on the project and had a final contract value of $2.3 million. The turnover of Hangar 6 allows the Navy to better accommodate and service the P-8A aircrafts and comply with Anti-Terrorism Force Protection and Architectural Barrier Acts.

General Contractor: Korte Construction
Subcontract Amount: $2,325,000

  • Exterior Metal Framing
  • Interior Metal Framing
  • Shaftwall Systems
  • Insulation
  • Interior GWB
  • Exterior Sheathing
  • Fire Stopping
  • Sound Sealants