As an alternate to wood framing, exterior cold formed steel framing provides a significantly higher degree of accuracy and tighter tolerances. With the ability to conform to a nearly unlimited amount of exterior building systems metal framing has become the ‘standard’ in commercial construction.  The steel components are rolled from a sheet of gauged metal and provide consistently straight and true regardless of size, weather exposer, installation variance. When you want a higher level of quality and a versatility is needed on your project let G.K. Knutson help with your exterior framing.


Light gauge, defined as 20 gauge and under, is the ‘norm’ for commercial interior framing. With nearly unlimited variability light gauge framing can help any design idea become reality. With significantly less weight than comparable wood members, metal framing is not only more versatile, but also easier and faster to work with. This provides our clients a more efficient and faster installation. Members are manufactured to strict tolerances and provide pre-punched openings for MEP routing. Comprised of non-combustible materials they also help in the construction of fire rated assemblies necessary to comply with building code.


Typically referred to as ‘drywall’, gypsum wall board installation and finishing is where G.K. Knutson began and where we thrive. We hang our reputation on the quality of the final product we provide our clients. With projects becoming ever more complex so too has the GWB. From the standard paper faced board, to mold resistant, fiberglass reinforced, lightweight, impacts resistant, and sound deadening, there is an application for every condition on a construction project. With differing boards also comes different levels and applications of finishes. Our finishing crews are experienced in all finishing techniques and in conjunction with the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau we are proficient in taping levels 1-5. Let us help you determine what level of finish is right for your project.


Exterior Sheathing is an integral part of both the exterior structure as well as the building envelop system. Whether it be fiberglass reinforced gypsum, plywood, or some other material, our crews have the expertise and experience of installing varying types of sheathing and will make sure that the system meet the highest tolerances and requirements of your project. Ask us about value engineering the sheathing to better coincide with your weather barrier systems, we would love to help!


Insulation comes in many forms and applications, from standard batt insulation, rigid foams, rock wool to spray foam, we have help complete your wall systems package. Through either self-performing insulation or partnering with one of our insulation teammates, we do have the ability to meet the projects need and help our clients get the best ‘bang for their buck’. Let us know if we can help bundle insulation in with our typical metal framing and drywall scopes to get the job done!


Acoustical Ceilings, more commonly referred to as ACT or ACP ceilings, have become a staple in commercial construction. With ease of installation as well as the added benefit of access to the plenum space above, they are a ‘no-brainer’ for owners and designers. At GK Knutson we are happy to perform this scope as well for our trusted clients. We specialize in the typical ‘drop in’ tile systems but have the ability to perform and install a wide variety of more decorative and complex systems, if the job requires. We are happy to help you package this scope of work in with or base scope or look at this work individually. 


Providing complete, fire rated, wall and ceiling systems for our clients creates a better flow on a project and a more cohesive final product. We pride ourselves on providing the best product out there, and our ability to provide complete fire rated assemblies helps us stand out in the industry. While each job provides its own challenges and systems, we are experienced deciphering UL listing and GA files to best help the project meet the fire code while keeping the budget in mind. If there is fire rating issue that needs to be addressed, we are here to assist!